Enbridge's Solar Self-Power Projects Charging Forward

Suite of solar farms across North America reflects our ESG commitments
Aug 4, 2022 1:50 PM ET
Field of solar panels next to a campus of building in a forested area
Enbridge has constructed a solar self-power facility adjacent to its compressor station in Heidlersburg, Pennsylvania.

Enbridge Inc. is harnessing the sun to power compressor and pump stations along our pipelines that transport conventional fuels to consumers.

This solar self-power program is part of a broad plan to reduce our company’s carbon footprint.

The current phase of solar self-power investments involves constructing 10 solar farms in the vicinity of company pipelines in Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, and Minnesota. Three solar self-power sites are already operating, and we’re contemplating building more of the facilities over time.

The clean energy created by the solar panels provides electricity to run facilities that push hydrocarbons through Enbridge’s liquids and natural gas transmission pipeline systems. For the 13 solar self-power projects currently built or in development, that’s an estimated emissions reduction of roughly 100,000 tCO2e annually—about equal to leaving 21,500 cars parked in the driveway each year.

“These projects will reduce the company’s emissions produced from generating the electricity we use in the transportation of oil and natural gas,” says David Watkins, Enbridge’s Director of Self Power and JV Partnerships. “It’s just one of the ways we’ll achieve our goal of net zero emissions by 2050.”

Enbridge’s journey forward isn’t only about the sun. Our overall low-carbon portfolio has grown from an investment in a single wind farm in 2002 to more than C$8 billion invested in renewable energy projects at the end of last year. Add it all up and the company now has 23 wind farms in operation and under construction, 17 solar energy operations, 7 renewable natural gas facilities, 2 hydrogen facilities and 10 other renewable power assets.

“Our plan is well underway and it includes the solar self-power facilities now being developed and placed in service,” says Pete Sheffield, Enbridge’s Chief Sustainability Officer. “Since announcing our emission reduction goals in November 2020, we’ve reduced our emissions intensity by 27% from a 2018 baseline.”

As demonstrated by Enbridge’s diligent, safe and innovative move towards solar self-power, our commitment to providing lower-carbon energy solutions that don’t strain existing resources is clear. One might even say the future is as bright …. as the rising sun.