Empowering Community Youth at Cerro Negro

Jul 16, 2018 4:00 PM ET

Goldcorp is committed to creating sustainable and lasting value in all communities where we operate. In Perito Moreno, Argentina, near our Cerro Negro mine, we are working to enhance the skills of local youth. Together with the local municipality, we facilitate various skills-building programs for youth in the area.

Children between 5 and 13 participate in our Sports Program, where they are encouraged to develop positive values and attitudes through games and sports designed to promote their growth and learning. To date, more than 600 children and youth have participated in the program.

Additionally, children and youth of Perito Moreno have access to a School Reinforcement Program, where tutors are available to support them in school subjects such as language and mathematics. This program currently has 30 participating students.

Following high school, if students decide to continue studying, Cerro Negro offers Excellence Scholarships to facilitate opportunities for higher education and training. The Excellence Scholarship has been awarded to eight students, and 33 other scholarships have been awarded to young people in Perito Moreno.

We understand the importance of youth education in society, and through these initiatives, we aim to facilitate the growth of the community by promoting skills development among its young citizens. Youth empowerment helps build strong communities and helps us create sustainable value.