Empower by GoDaddy Participant Starts Non-Profit for Congolese Refugees

Sep 16, 2021 2:30 PM ET
Campaign: Empower by GoDaddy

Originally published in GoDaddy 2020 ESG Report

With a passion for social justice and a degree in Economics and Finance, George Dakonsa began his career in the Congo as a human services case manager, working to connect community members to the resources needed to improve their lives.

As the Second Congo War began, George fled to the United States, eventually landing in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Immersion in a new country was not easy for George as he quickly encountered the difficulties faced by so many refugees and immigrants. Together with his passion for helping others, the challenges of learning a new language, experiencing unfamiliar cultures and determining a path forward inspired him start his own nonprofit organization to improve the immersion experience for others like him. All he needed was a business plan and a vision. 

After discussing this idea with a close friend, George was introduced to the Empower by GoDaddy program where he participated in eight weeks of classes, began to build his business plan, met peer entrepreneurs and developed support networks.

By participating in the program, George gained the tools and expertise needed to launch Kinyange House, a nonprofit designed to support Congolese refugees by providing the tools, social services and resources necessary to help them transition successfully in America. Kinyange means “welcome forever” and that is exactly what George strives to do. With five volunteers working by his side, he familiarizes himself with the specific needs of immigrants and refugees and provides tailored services at no cost. 

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