Employer of the Year

Employer of the Year

American Board of Occupational Health Nurses, Inc's Employer of the Year Award goes to Johnson & Johnson


Employer of the Year Award
The ABOHN Employer Recognition Award is awarded each year to a company that demonstrates support and encouragement for the personal and professional development of the certified Occupational Health Nurses that they employ. This award recipient demonstrated that it recognizes the value that certification brings to its organization and acknowledges the OHN’s contributions in a variety of ways. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 - 3:15pm

This year ABOHN is pleased and honored to present the Annual Employer’s Recognition Award to: Johnson & Johnson

Our next honoree has a long history of supporting the occupational health field. Johnson & Johnson is a trusted and known brand and in 2011, celebrated their 125th anniversary. Started in 1886 by three brothers, Johnson & Johnson went into business to improve hospital sanitation practices and launched their first product--a line of ready-to-use surgical products.

Now, in 2012, Johnson and Johnson has over 250 subsidiary companies in 57 countries, employs over 114,000 people and is responsible for over 200 consumer brands. 

Johnson and Johnson was nominated by an employee Janice McHugh (COHN-S). Ms. McHugh detailed the company's commitment to all of their employees. Expressed in the heart of their values credo that was written in 1943,  Johnson and Johnson  acknowledges their responsibility to  the men and women who work their companies throughout the world and point to areas such as fair and adequate compensation; clean, orderly and safe working conditions; and equal opportunities for employment development and advancement for those that are qualified.

One way that Johnson and Johnson demonstrates commitment to their workforce is showcased by the way they support ABOHN's credentials. 

Certification is a requirement for the Senior OHN level. This requirement sends a strong message throughout the entire Global Health Department that the welfare of its employees is in the most skilled and caring hands. To date, more than 75% of Johnson and Johnson's RN's have achieved COHN-S status.

Johnson and Johnson executives promote, recognize and support each individual's path to certification by encouraging all occupational health nurses  to engage in a personal development plan. To help the OHN's achieve their goals, Johnson and Johnson sponsors a "Payment for Professional Certifications" policy. An ABOHN core credential gives an OHN greater eligibility for promotion to a position with greater leadership duties and more responsibility in representing Johnson and Johnson at outside functions.

Johnson and Johnson recognizes the achievement of professional certification by announcing it to all relevant internal stakeholders; including the nurse's operating company, Human Resources, EHS staff and the company's internal media site. 

Please join us as we extend our thanks and gratitude to Johnson and Johnson and their staff for their continued dedication to ABOHN's certification programs and the promotion of certification for occupational health nurses.