Employee and Contractor Safety at Enbridge

Jul 27, 2022 2:10 PM ET

Originally published in Enbridge's 2021 Sustainability Report Report

Safety is not only a core value at Enbridge—it’s the foundation of everything we do. If we don’t get this right, nothing else matters. It’s our duty to keep the public, the members of our team and the environment safe.

Safety performance metrics are tied to each Enbridge employee’s short-term incentive pay.

2021 highlights

We launched our updated Lifesaving Rules, which highlight key behaviors and actions that are necessary to limit or eliminate the potentially deadly hazards associated with our work. Each of the seven Lifesaving Rules focuses on an area of high risk and high consequence, and was developed in response to a real-life incident. They include, for example, the need to complete a hazard assessment prior to starting work and to reassessing if conditions change.

Our continued response to the COVID-19 pandemic presented opportunities to engage with employees about other hazards as well. This included a focus on personal risk tolerance, which helps people proactively evaluate factors that can subconsciously influence their identification and tolerance of risks they may encounter.

We updated two company-wide programs (Fresh Start and Stand Up for Safety) designed to engage workers and help them reset their safety focus. These programs reinforce a proactive safety mindset— being on the lookout for weak safety signals and being prepared to address them in the moment should they arise—and include concrete actions workers can take to address hazards they are likely to encounter based on incident data from prior years.

To sustain awareness of how human factors can contribute to incidents even when we think we’re being safe, we continued to share incident case studies, highlighting factors that played a causal role in the events.

Our ESG goal

  • 10% over three-year average total recordable incident frequency (TRIF) rate for employees and contractors
  • Over 29% improvement in both employee and contractor TRIF over three-year average

2021 continued to be a year that presented challenges in the way we work as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these challenges, Enbridge continued to have an engaged workforce, which is demonstrated by our strong safety performance, hitting new record-setting lows. For additional safety metrics and performance, see our 2021 ESG Datasheet.


Q: What’s the key to achieving Enbridge’s ESG safety goal?

“At Enbridge we all take continuously improving safety performance seriously and ensure everyone is walking the talk when it comes to committing to safe work habits. This commitment ensures our safety culture remains strong so that everyone makes it home safe and sound at the end of the workday and that we are aligned with achieving our safety ESG goal.” Vik Kohli VP, Safety & Reliability

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