Elsevier Foundation’s Grant Schemes Boost Research in Developing Countries

Elsevier Foundation’s Grant Schemes Boost Research in Developing Countries

Monday, December 16, 2013 - 9:00pm



The Elsevier Foundation has announced the 2013 grant recipients for the Innovative Libraries in Developing Countries and New Scholars award programs. ​The grants total​ $700,000​ to be distributed​ to 10 institutions around the world in addition to 5 ongoing multiyear grants and the Nurse Faculty program. Developing countries often suffer from a lack of access to the knowledge resources necessary for today's medical practices. Also a major issue in emerging economies is the social and economic support for women who aspire to professional careers while nurturing families.

The Innovative Libraries in Developing Countries program benefits libraries for innovation in improving access and use of scientific, technical and medical information. This year’s recipients were chosen for addressing pressing issues in the developing world through the use of STM information resources.

The New Scholars Program supports projects to help early- to mid-career women scientists who need to juggle demanding academic careers and family life. The 2013 grants include Strengthening Team Science & Work Life Satisfaction in the UC System, University of California Santa Barbara; African Network of Portuguese speaking women in Tropical Health, Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Portugal. Cambridge Equality Collaboration: Advancing Women in Science within & beyond Cambridge, University of Cambridge Motivating Enrollment of Women into STEM Majors, LaGuardia Community College Womens IS Network, Worcester Polytechnic University.

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