Ecolab and Trucost CEOs share perspectives on the Water Risk Monetizer

New financial modeling tool helps business leaders factor water risks into decisions
Dec 12, 2014 12:00 PM ET

Water scarcity is impacting the vitality of communities around the world. For businesses, it is a significant constraint to growth. The Water Risk Monetizer is industry’s first financial modeling tool that enables businesses to factor water into decisions that support business growth and help ensure the availability of this limited natural resource for future generations.

Ecolab CEO Douglas M. Baker, Jr. and Trucost CEO Richard Mattison discuss how the Water Risk Monetizer helps businesses understand the impact of water scarcity to their business and how this information can be used to assess different business models, determine how water costs or scarcity may affect growth plans, help inform business goals and provide a catalyst for collaboration and stewardship for greater impact. 

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