Eaton Joins BIG LEAP Research and Development Project To Pioneer Adaptable Energy Storage Systems Harnessing Second-Life Batteries

Jun 4, 2024 9:30 AM ET
  • Eaton joins 16 leading partners in the BIG LEAP project, an ambitious R&D effort under the Horizon Europe initiative.
  • Partners will enable interoperability between different battery chemistries and architectures, strengthening the value chain for second-life batteries.
  • Partners will also develop a standardized battery refurbishment process that is faster and more cost-effective.

PRAGUE/ROZTOKY, Czech Republic, June 4, 2024 /3BL/ - Intelligent power management company Eaton announced its participation in the EU research and innovation project BIG LEAP. Lasting for three and a half years, this Horizon Europe program aims to enhance the efficiency, reliability and compatibility of energy storage using second-life batteries from varied electric vehicles.

The BIG LEAP consortium will design and validate an open-source Battery Management System (BMS) that improves interoperability between different battery chemistries and architectures. This includes the development of a flexible energy storage system that supports BMS integration and expands the potential applications of second-life batteries through a modular and scalable design. As well as strengthening existing value chains with more adaptable second-life batteries, the project also aims to develop a standardized battery refurbishment process that is faster and more cost-effective.

Led by the Brussels Research and Innovation Center for Green Technologies, the BIG LEAP consortium brings together 16 academic and industrial partners from Europe, India and Morocco. This includes EDF, TATA Power, and the VTT Technical Research Center, as well as other leading innovators in battery storage and power management systems.

Eaton’s participation in the BIG LEAP project is spearheaded by the Eaton Research Labs (ERL) team in Prague, in close collaboration with the company’s Energy Transition, Digital and Services Division. The team will develop and demonstrate a modular 500 kilowatt-hour energy storage system using second-life batteries at the Eaton European Innovation Center (EEIC), showing how it can reduce energy consumption and costs in commercial buildings. Eaton’s team will also provide support in defining and designing a BMS compatible with different battery types.

During the next 12 months, the ERL team will focus on defining hardware and software requirements, choosing suppliers, and developing the use case for second-life battery integration in the EEIC demonstration system. They will also align with project partners on BMS development and an optimized approach to battery refurbishment.

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“We’re thrilled to be part of a consortium that’s changing the game in energy storage. By enabling greater compatibility between systems and components developed by different companies through the right architecture and algorithms, we can make sure batteries have a long and sustainable second life in one safe, reliable and cohesive system.”

Oleksij Chumak, power system specialist, Eaton Research Labs

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“Our contribution to the BIG LEAP project will really move the needle on sustainability—enabling customers to harness energy storage more cost-effectively, while also reducing the waste and emissions associated with battery production. This leap forward is critical if we’re to create a low-carbon future for the next generation!”

Anne Lillywhite, senior vice president, Energy Transition, Digital and Services, Electrical Sector EMEA, Eaton

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