This Earth Day, Don’t Forget to Think Small

Using behavioral science to unleash the power of your employees’ everyday actions
Apr 20, 2017 8:45 PM ET
Your people could be your most sustainable resource

This Earth Day, Don’t Forget to Think Small

By Digney Eisner & Robb Johnstone

Climate change. It’s certainly one of the biggest issues facing the planet and us, the 7 billion people who share it. Yet it’s become clearer than ever that we can’t rely on governments alone to do something about it. It’s imperative that the private sector step up as a force for Good — and we’re encouraged to see that it is. 

Many businesses are making strides with new sustainability initiatives and practices. From innovating greener production techniques to using sustainable energy sources, concerned companies are doing big things. Their leadership and achievements are to be applauded. 

But there's another opportunity for companies to make a meaningful difference. They can play a part in inspiring and enabling the small, everyday actions of their people that will add up to big changes. People are hungry for opportunities to give back and increasingly expect their employers to help them make a difference and bring more purpose to their work. In fact, 88% of millennials say their job is more fulfilling when they are provided opportunities to make a positive impact on social and environmental issues. It’s time for businesses to start thinking small! 

How do you do it? One can look to several Benevity clients who are using our software to power their “Goodness Programs,” from workplace giving and matching, to employee volunteering and community investment programs. These progressive companies are tackling the goals of employee engagement and environmental change at both the strategic and the grassroots levels.