Domtar's Sustainability Monthly Minute: February 2018

Feb 22, 2018 8:15 AM ET

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Eye in the Sky

From military missions to backyard fun, drones are used for both work and play. At Domtar's Ashdown, AR mill, drones are improving the safety of employees, the accuracy and efficiency of work, and helping to ensure the health of local forests. Watch this footage from the drones and find out why they're being called the biggest advance in forestry in years.

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It's a tale of two products. Trucks filled with dense pulp and paper sometimes struggle with weight restrictions. Lighter personal care products often have the opposite problem, completely filling the trailer despite rules that allow more weight. Learn how Domtar's commitment to sustainability touches every corner of the business, including the open road.


The Debate Over Forest Fires
  Wildfires dominated news headlines as thousands of people across North America fell victim to catastrophic blazes in 2017. Now comes the question: how much fire is too much and when should it be stamped out? Foresters, ecologists and scientists are conflicted.