Domtar EarthChoice Monthly Minute | January 2017

Jan 30, 2017 1:25 PM ET

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Over 4,000 Hours Served

Domtar's employee engagement program, the EarthChoice Ambassadors (ECAs), enjoyed a very successful 2016.  Boasting 23 teams in three countries, the ECAs volunteered over 4,000 hours last year, improving the sustainability of the communities where we live and work. From tree plantings and highway clean-ups to recycling drives and clothing donations, learn the ways Domtar's employees helped make a difference. 

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A Peek Behind the Bin

Have you ever wondered where used paper goes once you toss it in the blue bin? Turns out, recycled paper embarks on quite the journey before its new life, with each additional round of recycling further weakening the wood fiber. That's why paper can only be recycled between 5-7 times. Follow the 15-step journey of a recycled love note with this light-hearted video produced with RecycleBank

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Sustainability in Scandinavia

The town of Aneby, Sweden - home to Domtar's personal care manufacturing facility - uses a sustainable method to create and distribute heat and hot water to 250 connected homes and businesses, including ours.  Rather than relying on fossil fuels, the central plant uses 100% renewable biomass to heat local buildings, which then return the warm water for reuse. Just how much was the Aneby facility able to reduce its fuel oil use after connecting to this efficient community system?

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Dan Persica, Sustainability Communications Manager
+1 (803) 802-8067