Domtar EarthChoice Monthly Minute | August 2016

Aug 25, 2016 10:05 AM ET

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Driving the SmartWay

With Labor Day approaching, the majority of the estimated 35 million Americans traveling over the holiday weekend will be driving to their destination. And while today's vehicles are more efficient than ever, there's an environmental impact for every mile traveled. Learn how, as a SmartWay® Partner, Domtar is limiting the air pollution associated with getting its products to market.

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Do You PrintFriendly?

Is there anything more frustrating than printing a one-page article, only to find five partially-printed sheets waiting for you on the printer? For years, Domtar has partnered with PrintEco, a small startup that enables more efficient printing. Today, the platform is evolving into PrintFriendly, a web-based tool that makes formatting articles a snap - helping you use ink and paper more responsibly.

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Sustainability as a Competitive Advantage

In an interview with Ideas Never Sleep, Domtar President & CEO John Williams shares how the company successfully put sustainably at the heart of its operations. From the moral imperative of running a responsible business, to making it easy for employees to do the right thing, he makes the case for innovative leadership. So what's his key piece of advice for leaders in corporate life today?

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Did You Know?

Per metric ton of pulp & paper, Domtar's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are less than half that of the average Asian producer. 

What's Your EarthChoice?

When mowing the lawn, mulch the grass clippings instead of bagging them. Aside from being easier, mulching also helps retain soil temperature and acts as a free source of fertilizer, while reducing the 13% of the U.S. waste stream composed of yard trimmings.     Source:

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