DNV GL Global Opportunity Report

Jan 30, 2015 9:00 PM ET

In August 2014 Global Opportunity Network presents the five risks that insipred this year's opportunity panels.

The panels – arranged in London, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, San Francisco, Mumbai, Abu Dhabi and Oslo – discussed how the pressure for change coming from these risks can be used to create more resilient and sustainable societies.

“We cannot escape the need for change, but if we do our utmost to respond wisely to the challenges these risks present, we believe that not only can we address the risk, we can build a more sustainable future,” says Morten Jastrup, Project Director of the Global Opportunity Network.

The risks – extreme weather, continued rise in non communicable diseases, urban breakdown, water scarcity and lock-in to fossil fuels – were debated on the panels, workshops of approximately 30 creative persons from business, academia, civil society and youth organizations connected by a common interest in sustainable development. The input from the panels have been refined into 15 sustainable “opportunities” – areas of investment that will benefit society and business. In October/November these were tested in a survey to gauge the resonance they create with decision makers and influencers.

“For us the greatest opportunity is not the initiative with the absolute best result in the cost benefit analysis or life cycle analysis. It is rather the one of the range of good solutions with the attraction needed for stakeholders to invest and keep their commitment. This attraction is what we test with the survey,” says Morten Jastrup.

The final report is now available.