Discovery Taps House Talent to Make a Difference

Discovery Taps House Talent to Make a Difference

Thursday, November 7, 2013 - 10:45am



Antonio Pasolini

(3BL Media/Just Means) - ​Money makes the world go around, but human talent really is the main driver of change on the world. That’s why three years ago Discovery launched Creating Change ​, which is part of its socially responsible program Discovery Impact. Discovery will be holding the fourth edition of ​Creating Change​ later this week, on Thursday November 7th and Friday 8th ​,​ at its headquarters in Silver Spring (MD). The initiative leverages the power of Discovery's brands, businesses and employees to give back and make an impact in local communities.

The event spans 12 hours when Discovery employees will be putting their great talents to ​ socially responsible​ use. Their skill set covers a range of specialist fields, including marketing, creative design services, human resources, IT and video production to help other organizations achieve their goals.

More than 20 non-profits will benefit from the generosity of Discovery employees. The nonprofits acts in various fields, such as veterans, poverty relief, minority and youth education, STEM and animal welfare. In order to address the needs of the over 80 organizations that applied for the marathon event, Discovery will hold a conference running parallel to the marathon event on Thursday. Every organization that applied to Creating Change will be invited to attend and hear from business leaders on relevant and timely topics to help them better navigate their competitive landscape. ​ ​The program includes sessions on social media, market research, branding, media training and creativity. Besides, those in attendance will have the opportunity to see a preview of Science Channel’s The Challenger Disaster, which airs on Saturday on both Science and Discovery Channel. The film is a factual drama exploring the truth behind the space shuttle Challenger's 1986 explosion.

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Antonio Pasolini is a Corporate Social Responsibility writer for Justmeans, Antonio Pasolini is a journalist based in Brazil who writes about alternative energy, green living and sustainability. He also edits, a top web destination for news and comment on renewable energy and, a recycled paper bag/magazine distributed from health food stores in London, formerly his hometown for over a decade. He is also a happy herbivore.