D&I Weekly News Round-Up: Microaggressions, Bias and More

Jan 11, 2022 12:40 PM ET
Weekly D&I News Round UP - by Caroline Berns

By Caroline Berns


Joan C. Williams has just released a new book on how to interrupt bias in the workplace. Here she speaks to McKinsey as part of the Author Talks series on her learnings, and what simple tools companies can use to make progress.

Gender Pay Gap

According to a new study in the US, women doctors make significantly less money than men over the course of their careers. After controlling various factors that influence pay (e.g. speciality, patient volume etc.), the researchers found that there is nearly a 25 percent difference in earnings.


Microaggressions are subtle (often unintentional) behaviours that are demeaning to marginalized groups, for example telling someone that they “look so exotic”. A community of Canadian diversity advocacy groups has now started to collect examples of microaggressions and created The Micropedia, a platform that can help educate people. Read more here.

Mental Health

During the pandemic, the need for mental health support increased significantly, and mental health providers have been struggling to meet the demand. New platforms using AI have now been launched to support - especially in cases where people need immediate help. Interesting video!