Decreasing the Impact of Your Next Business Trip

Decreasing the Impact of Your Next Business Trip

By Claire Blades, Director of Global Travel and Meetings at Symantec
Thursday, July 31, 2014 - 8:00am

As the Director, Global Travel & Meetings, I manage the corporate travel and meetings process for Symantec employees, including travel arrangements/booking, reimbursement, and corporate meetings solutions. As most of you know, there are numerous environmental impacts – some obvious, some more discreet - in corporate travel. These range from the distance and form of transportation, to the efficiency and environmental credentials of the carrier we choose, to the environmental impacts of our lodging (both the hotel itself, as well as our own practices while traveling). The choices we make as individuals when booking our travel can make a significant difference in all of these areas.

Over six years ago, as part of the expansion of Symantec’s Corporate Responsibility program, I was tasked with developing a Sustainable Travel Program and action plan to decrease the environmental impacts of Symantec’s corporate travel. At the time, I was already an active member of the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) and was invited to join the organization’s sustainability committee, both because I knew it would help me learn from others, but also due to my own personal passion to help the corporate travel industry develop more sustainable practices.

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