Cultivating the Future

Bombardier Transportation Engaged in China
May 13, 2015 11:00 PM ET
Bombardier Transportation team and family members planting trees

In April, around 30 Bombardier Transportation (BT) employees and their families engaged once again in a corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity by planting trees and subsidizing local education. This initiative took place in Back Stone Gate Village, a remote ecological desert area in the Fangshan District suburb of Beijing, China. This year, the BT team planted 100 apricot trees to supplement the peach trees planted in 2014. As a responsible corporate citizen, BT is exploring effective ways to protect natural living spaces in its local communities, helping to reduce the impact of CO2 emissions and to provide relief from the hazy weather.

As a next step, BT donated the revenue earned from the sale of fruits harvested in the grove for the education of underprivileged children. This initiative is fully aligned with the Bombardier CSR strategy, which focuses on the 3Es: Education, Environment and Entrepreneurship. Find out more about BT’s CSR approach and the 3E strategy on our website.

Jianwei Zhang, President, Bombardier China said: “We are proud to participate in a program to improve the quality of life and make a positive impact in our community. Bombardier takes its role as a responsible corporate citizen seriously, and we firmly believe that this can only be achieved by contributing to the society and community in which we live and work.”

BT in China has been organizing CSR activities since 2008, and has recently been honored as one of the “Top 500 China CSR 2015” companies. Additionally, BT in China was awarded with a “Best Innovation at Practice” award in 2014 and the “2013 China Good Enterprise Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility” award.