Moving Minds: Bombardier Transportation Corporate Responsibility Report 2014

Aug 5, 2015 6:30 AM ET

As a global leader in rail technology, Bombardier Transportation continues to Movie Minds and shape the future of mobility, responsibly. With the publication of its fifth bi-annual Corporate Responsibility Report, the company showcases its 2013/2014 CSR achievements. 

A structured stakeholder analysis helped to shape Bombardier Transportation’s CSR agenda and with it, CSR standards for the entire rail industry. As a result, this report reflects how the company is delivering innovation, managing its business responsibly and supporting communites – all integral parts of being a leader in the global rail industry.

Download the 2014 Bombardier Transportation Corporate Responsibility Report

Key Elements of the Report

1. Customers
Our aim is to satisfy the expectations of our customers by delivering state-ofthe-art products.
In close cooperation with our customers we are driving innovation and breaking new ground in rail technologies and efficiency.

2. Public Authorities
We see ourselves as partners to shape urban mobility and cooperate in numerous ways with our local stakeholders.
Our smart, eco-friendly transportation solutions and systems are the key to addressing major mobility challenges and developing liveable cities worldwide.

3. Suppliers
We work hand-in-hand with our network of thousands of suppliers and partners worldwide.
Managing our supply chain responsibly reinforces our reputation as a leading integrated solutions provider and long-term partner.

4. Employees 
Flawless execution of our projects requires highly talented and dedicated people. 
As an employer of choice we take pride in providing employees with a dynamic and reliable workplace and interesting career opportunities

5. Communities
Thriving communities are the foundation for our company’s long-term growth.
By providing our expertise to the communities where we operate, we are growing local roots and helping to create strong infrastructures.

6. Shareholders, Investors and Analysts
Conducting business in an ethical manner is of cardinal importance to our operations, and upholding the highest integrity and leadership is key to our current and future success. Earning and keeping the trust of our shareholders is a priority for us.

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