CSX Corporate Social Responsibility Highlights: Value Chain – Customers and Suppliers

Dec 9, 2014 12:20 PM ET

As a transportation company, we have a unique and important part to play in the business of America. We serve as the link to move essential products from point A to point B. In this role, we can leverage the environmental and economic benefits of rail transportation to provide value to the entire supply chain, from customer to consumer to community. We interact with our customers and suppliers frequently to understand their needs and priorities, ensuring we provide quality service and grow our business sustainably.

At CSX, “it starts with the customer.” Our operational success is built on our employees’ focus on providing customer service at the highest levels. Our annual Voice of the Customer survey asks customers to evaluate our performance; we are proud to have received our highest-ever score in 2013.

In 2013, CSX further enriched our customer experience by focusing on Service Excellence, which expands on our core values by helping every employee recognize that what they do ultimately impacts the customer experience. We focused on helping our customers understand the environmental and economic value of rail transportation, as well as providing tools to streamline their experience. One of these tools, ShipCSX, helps customers plan, ship, track and pay for orders quickly and efficiently using secure, real-time data.

We also collaborate with our customers to invest in the economic growth of our communities. In 2013, CSX and our customers worked together to develop 121 new or expanded facilities on our rail network or connecting short-line partners. These facilities represent $3 billion in customer investments and more than 1,600 new job opportunities. Over the past five years, our customers have invested more than $14 billion in rail-served facilities, generating more than 14,000 jobs at industrial plants, distribution centers and other facilities.

Also critical to our success is the safe, efficient and ethical behavior of our suppliers. We rely on them to operate with the same integrity we expect from our employees. We regularly review our suppliers to ensure appropriate business conduct and sustainable practices, and foster relationships with diverse companies that reflect our communities. In 2013, CSX participated in CDP Supply Chain for the first time. We asked 50 of our largest suppliers to identify the proportion of the greenhouse gas emissions attributable to business with CSX.

To learn more about our value chain, visit www.csxcsr.com