Crowdsourcing: Yesterday's Corporate Philanthropy is Today's Branding and Community-Building

Feb 4, 2011 6:30 PM ET

Alice Korngold's Blog

Old corporate giving, 10 – 20 years ago: Decisions were made behind closed doors, among a small, select, close-knit group of people. New corporate philanthropy, often part of the CSR strategy: Decisions draw on the collective wisdom of diverse groups of people of all generations and backgrounds, including members of the global community being served, social innovators, customers, employees, and others. The vehicle: Crowdsourcing. The value: Good for business, and better funding decisions to improve communities and the world.

GlobalGiving’s Experience With Crowdsourcing

To learn more, I interviewed John Hecklinger, Chief Program Officer, GlobalGiving Foundation. GlobalGiving is an online resource that connects donors with causes around the world. Since 2002, GlobalGiving has raised $36,900,150 from140,976 donors for 3,677 projects worldwide. Among their various services, GlobalGiving assists corporations and foundations with crowdsourcing campaigns.

1. What is "crowdsourcing" when it relates to corporate philanthropy or corporate social responsibility?

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