Corporate Citizens, Government, and "Out-Innovation"

Feb 10, 2011 1:15 PM ET
Campaign: BCLCblog

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and the Implication for Corporate Citizens

An excerpt from "Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and the Implication for Corporate Citizens":

"Corporate citizens can play an active role in the area of entrepreneurship and innovation in their local communities. Through mentorship programs with high school and young entrepreneurs  or partnering with university to help bring new ideas and products into the patent process through the technology transfer office – a system that is time-consuming and bureaucratic – are just some of the ways that corporate citizens can make a difference.

"Corporate citizens are in a unique position to help the country address the challenge put forth by President Obama: out-innovate. Corporations must work with federal agencies, universities, and other industry leaders to reignite the entrepreneurship drive of this nation." 

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