Strategic Changes in Disaster Giving

May 20, 2011 5:50 PM ET
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Strategic Changes in Disaster Giving

By Gerald McSwiggan, Head of BCLC Disaster Assistance and Recovery

Corporate donations to support relief and recovery efforts in Japan have exceeded $300 million. You can find a full listing of the donors here.  For comparison purposes, this is the third-largest corporate response to a disaster, and second-largest to an international disaster since BCLC started tracking this data. 

Businesses have also stepped up to help storm-ravaged Alabama (and other southern states affected by the recent tornadoes).  Companies around the world have donated more than $20 million to help with the recovery efforts there. 

But monetary donations are not the only types of assistance that companies are providing.  As I highlighted in a recent blog posting, we are seeing a shift from simple donations to more strategic engagement based on core competencies.  Read more and comment >