A Conversation With Entergy and Axios: Power Grid Resiliency in the US

Jan 8, 2024 2:15 PM ET
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Drew Marsh with Axios publisher Nick Johnston

It’s more important now than ever to strengthen and modernize the U.S. power grid as severe weather events become more frequent and intense.

This is especially needed along the Gulf Coast region, a major energy hub and home to some of the nation’s most critical, integrated energy infrastructure and most substantial energy resources.

Entergy Chairman and CEO Drew Marsh recently sat down with Axios to explain why — and how — we’re strengthening and modernizing the power grid along the Gulf Coast region, while balancing reliability, affordability and sustainability for 3 million customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas.

In particular, Marsh discusses customer affordability as a priority for Entergy and shares some of the ways we’re working to manage costs — such as fighting for every available dollar of federal and state funding and making meaningful investments in the power grid to remain one of the most affordable utilities in the country.

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This story continues the conversation from Entergy’s discussion with Axios during its September launch event, "Enhancing the U.S. Power Grid," which focused on strategies for modernizing the power grid, accelerating the clean energy transition and improving energy reliability and resilience.

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