Consumers Value Innovative Efforts to Address Climate Change, Thank Six Corporate Leaders

Mar 22, 2011 4:40 PM ET
Campaign: Green Watching

Climate Counts Blog

This week Climate Counts followers are thanking the six charter members of the Climate Counts Industry Innovators program: Amtrak, Ben & Jerry’s, Clif Bar, REI, Shaklee, and Timberland for recognizing the importance of corporate climate action and choosing to voluntarily participate in the Climate Counts scoring process. These six companies believe in keeping the door open between business and consumers around climate change and are finding innovative ways to not only push their company climate scores even higher, but more importantly, to reduce their impact on climate change.

Help Climate Counts followers applaud their efforts and continue to encourage meaningful corporate climate action. Send a tweet saying: “I value your voluntary #climate action @timberland @cherrygarcia @rei @clifbar @amtrak shaklee!” and you could win a Climate Counts WEADDUP T-shirt! Announce your tweet on our Facebook wall and you’ll double your chances!   CC12552