Consumers Energy Marks 100 Years for Tippy Dam

Jun 28, 2018 9:35 AM ET
Tippy Dam was built in 1918. (Michelle Graves/News Advocate)

Originally published on the Manistee News Advocate website

by Michelle Graves

BRETHREN — Tippy Dam in Brethren joins an elite group in becoming Consumers Energy’s latest hydroelectric facility to mark 100 years.

On Saturday, Consumers Energy celebrated the milestone by opening the dam to public tours — 240 people who preregistered were able to take a look inside the dam and learn more about it.

“It’s a really an engineering marvel that we’re celebrating today, not only that but the engineers, the builders, the men and women who have worked to maintain this all these years. It’s really a testament to them and a chance to celebrate their achievement,” said Terry Dedoes, Consumers Energy spokesman.

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