Striding Shopper Campaign makes your dollars and voices count!

Nov 24, 2010 10:00 AM ET
StridingShopperLogo.png Striding Shopper Campaign

We're hitting the holiday shopping season in full-force! In the run up to our new scores in early December, we're announcing a Striding Shopper Campaign which we want you to be a part of! 

What it is: This holiday season join the Striding Shopper Campaign to make your dollars and voices count!   The concept: Sign up for the Striding Shopper Campaign to make sure big business knows how you’re spending your money aligns with your concern about climate change!   How it works: We analyze companies, and our scorecard tells you how well the company is addressing climate change. Don’t know which drink/airline ticket/laptop/shirt you should buy? Let the company’s climate actions help you decide. Support the high scorers when you shop

What to do: Support companies that are “striding” to take climate action and steer clear of companies “stuck” avoiding climate action.
  1. Spread the word. Share the campaign with 10 of your friends via e-mail, Facebook. and Twitter

  2. Raise your voice directly to companies via e-mail and Twitter from the website, free iPhone app and smart phone app telling them you’re paying attention.

  3. Spend your dollars with climate change in mind and support “striding” companies. 

Why: Business can be the most powerful force for good on the planet, but for business to act aggressively, consumers have to be engaged. The Striding Shopper campaign continues the efforts of Climate Counts to build a stronger bridge between consumers and companies on solutions to the global climate crisis. If consumers tell large companies they are concerned about climate change, companies will take action.   Why a focus on the biggest companies? It’s a matter of scale. If 150 large companies reduced their current greenhouse gas emissions by just 5% it would be like taking 42 million cars off the road for a year.   About At, our mission is to help individuals lead through climate-conscious consumerism. We track many of the world’s largest consumer companies on their climate action (or inaction). By using public information in our 0–100 point scorecard, exists as a lever to drive greater corporate transparency so that climate-conscious consumers can see the true climate action of the companies they support. Specifically, we look at whether or not companies are reviewing and reducing their greenhouse gas emissions, the positions they’re taking on climate and energy legislation, and their clarity in reporting climate information. As a Striding Shopper, you will help pressure big business into taking more meaningful climate action. Become a Striding Shopper today!   CC10498