, Bard Center for Environmental Policy, and engage in climate dialogue with Nike April 20th at 12pm EST

Apr 20, 2011 12:20 PM ET

Climate Counts Blog

Today from 12-1pm EST,, and are supporting the Bard Center for Environmental Policy’s Campus to Corporation (C2C) campaign by tweeting during Bard’s open dialogue with Sarah Severn, Stakeholder Mobilization Director of Sustainable Business and Innovation at Nike Inc.

For the third year in a row Nike topped the scorecard and last year made headlines by resigning from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Board over climate disputes.

In December of 2010 at the release of the latest scores, Wood Turner, Executive Director, noted that, “There’s an emerging top tier of innovative companies leading on climate.” Turner went on to state that “Climate action may have bogged down in Washington, but these companies know they can build successful businesses while tackling the climate crisis.” and partners will be encouraging climate-conscious consumers to join the open dialogue today and tweet using the #Nike hashtag to learn more about the climate action Nike is taking.

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