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Jan 26, 2011 2:00 PM ET
Campaign: Green Watching

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Thanks to your support, 2010 was a banner year for Climate Counts. With four years of scores under our belts, thousands of consumers raising their voices through our website and free iPhone app, and the launching of a new program recognizing Industry Innovators, we’re having a bigger impact on the marketplace than ever. Eleven companies (nearly 8% of companies scored) now score higher than 75 points on the Climate Counts company scorecard and the average company score has improved from 31 points in 2007 to 50.1 points in 2010.   We couldn’t have done it without you and we need your sustained energy in 2011. We’re kicking off 2011 with a powerful Green Watching campaign and to build the buzz we’re offering a chance at a Climate Counts t-shirt if you vote for our best story in 2010!   You can vote up to three ways:
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1. 2010 scores show a 50.1 overall average Climate Counts score. The highest ever. Vote Here   2. Climate Counts launches free iPhone app. Breaks 2,000 downloads in first year. Vote Here   3. 25 Policy Standouts. 25 Climate Counts companies worth over a trillion dollars are praised for positive climate policy. Vote Here   4. Launch of Climate Counts Industry Innovators – Timberland, REI, Shaklee, Ben & Jerry’s, Amtrak and Clif Bar lead the way; Broad Air joins the leadership circle. Vote Here   5. Climate Counts free iPhone app hits the WIRED pop-up store in New York City and remains active in the WIRED online store. Vote Here   6. Climate Counts Executive Director featured on NBC Philadelphia TV. Vote Here   7. Climate Counts Green Watching Campaign gained the attention of global media giant News Corp, owner of Fox, and didn’t deny its news coverage is out of sync with company’s commitment to climate action. Vote Here   8. The Climate Counts Striding Shopper Campaign hits the holiday season. Shoppers align their dollars with their concerns about climate change. Vote Here   9. The Climate Counts Back-2-Cool Campaign asks students world-wide to rethink back to school shopping with climate in mind. Vote Here   10. The Climate Counts Facebook grew over 400% in 2010 and the Twitter followers doubled in number. Vote Here

Climate Counts company scores let you see which companies are showing true climate action by scoring them on the four key benchmarks to climate leadership: reviewing emissions, reducing emissions, public policy positions, and transparency. So when it comes to those necessity purchases, you have the power to use your dollars to support those companies that reflect your own concerns about climate change. But the fight against climate change doesn’t stop at your wallet, Climate Counts gives you the power to “raise your voice” directly to these same global corporations through e-mail and Twitter.