Climate Counts’ new smart phone app

First iPhone; Now EVERY phone!
Nov 1, 2010 1:45 PM ET

Climate Counts new smart phone app

First iPhone; Now EVERY phone! We’re so glad you love our free iPhone App. And the best part of it is that it works. Over 40% of you using our app are telling companies the information you’re getting changes your purchasing decisions – while you shop! Not to mention the fact that so many of you are using the app to send messages to companies we HAVEN’T scored that we’re hearing from them about how they can participate in our voluntary Industry Innovators program.   Big news: with help from our friends at MobileFeat, you can now access a smart phone app on your Blackberry, Android, and other devices. Just type in from your device, and you’re ready to start telling companies the climate change matters to you.

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About Climate Counts
Climate Counts is a non-profit organization bringing consumers and companies together in the fight against global climate change. Launched with financial support from organics pioneer Stonyfield Farm, the Climate Counts Company Scorecard was developed with oversight from a panel of business and climate experts from leading non-governmental organizations and academic institutions. Criteria were chosen for their effectiveness at accomplishing a single goal – solving the global climate crisis. Since 2007, Climate Counts researchers have used these criteria to now rate the climate actions of nearly 150 companies (representing approximately 3,000 brands) in 16 industry sectors. Companies are given the opportunity to confirm or provide public data sources. Information on all scored companies is available at .