Climate Counts Green Watchers tell Gap: I’m Green, I’m Watching & I think Climate Counts

Apr 12, 2011 4:28 PM ET
Campaign: Green Watching

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As part of our Green Watching campaign, we’re supporting our friends at and their “The Chamber Doesn’t Speak for Me” campaign. We’re asking Gap -- which owns Old Navy, Banana Republic, has 134,000 employees, generates over $14 billion in revenue and is one of our 25 policy standouts -- if the U.S. Chamber represents the company’s own leadership position on climate action. The U.S. Chamber has spent hundreds of millions of dollars a year lobbying politicians to block comprehensive climate legislation while companies like Gap have supported climate legislation that would lead to market-wide reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the growth of renewable energy capacity.

In support of our Green Watching campaign, our friends at SustainU Clothing made a powerful video reminding climate-conscious consumers why companies like Gap should continue to take climate action.

Check out the video and send a message to Gap saying: “Hey @Gap I’m #Green, I’m Watching & I think @ClimateCounts! #climate, @SustainU @USChamber, @350” You can also download our free iPhone app or visit to send an e-mail directly to Gap.

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