Climate Counts Congratulates Tshirt Tuesday winner Bill Connelly

Feb 1, 2011 2:42 PM ET
Campaign: Green Watching

Climate Counts Blog

Congratulations to Bill Connelly for winning last week’s #T-shirt Tuesday Twitter contest! The number one @ClimateCounts story from 2010 was (drum-roll please) our free iPhone app being featured in the NYC WIRED store and WIRED online store! As the winner of this week's contest, Bill will be sporting a fresh ‘Vote With Your Dollars’ Climate Counts T-shirt!


Climate Counts company scores let you see which companies are showing true climate action by scoring them on the four key benchmarks to climate leadership: reviewing emissions, reducing emissions, public policy positions, and transparency. So when it comes to those necessity purchases, you have the power to use your dollars to support those companies that reflect your own concerns about climate change. But the fight against climate change doesn’t stop at your wallet, Climate Counts gives you the power to “raise your voice” directly to these same global corporations through e-mail and Twitter.