Climate Change Branding Can Lift Recruitment and Retention

By David Beck
Feb 3, 2022 10:50 AM ET
Sign reading "There is no planet B"
Image courtesy of SHRM

Originally published by SHRM

One company that has made climate change a key part of its brand is roofing and insulation manufacturer Owens Corning, based in Toledo, Ohio. The company has held the top spot in the 100 Best Corporate Citizens Ranking for the past three years, and climate change is one of the major criteria in the selection process.

"A focus on climate change is not new for us," said Paula Russell, executive vice president and chief of human resources at Owens Corning. "We are in the third round of sustainability goals for us, including robust climate change objectives."

Russell explained that Owens Corning has a good reputation for being climate savvy and is looked upon as a leader in the industry. The company scores high on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, where it led the building products sector in all three dimensions: economic, environmental and social.

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