Cleantech from Canada Welcomed by National Impact Investing Network

Impact Software and Energy Solutions Doing Good in the US
Jan 7, 2013 7:45 PM ET

Now entering its third year conducting online virtual venture fairs, Investors' Circle is pleased to collaborate with the Consulate General of Canada in New York on their first online pitch event for 2013. The new year kick off will present 5 Canadian Cleantech enterprises expanding into and doing business in the US. Investors' Circle members, angels, fund managers, wealth advisers, VCs and other accredited investors are invited to watch entrepreneurs pitch online Thursday, January 17th at 3pm/ET - 12pm/PT.  Although free for IC members, it costs accredited investors just $50 to attend. These events represent a unique opportunity for investors to connect with compelling companies more frequently. The virtual event is expected to last approximately 90 minutes with each company receiving 10 minutes of real time to pitch. Q&A sessions and presentation decks are also available. Registration information is through Investors' Circle's online platform.

The companies selected are all early-stage, impact enterprises, meeting the networks' criteria for deal interest. Although the final order has not yet been set, previews of the 5 finalists have been released and include: One Million Acts of Green - A Software-as-a-Service to engage employees in doing and sharing acts of green, (such as walking to work) and sharing their actions in measurable terms, such as the total equivalent of trees planted or cars off the road as a result of their collective actions. Blueprint Energy - Transportation energy storage of the future. Flywheel-based energy storage system that integrates seamlessly into hybrid vehicles. REfficient - Is an online marketplace that allows you to go shopping in other companies’ surplus inventory to save money and increase waste diversion. inMotive - Introducing a breakthrough innovation to motor performance. inMotive’s elegant design creates an unrivaled torque and efficiency advantage, significantly lowering capital and operational costs. Greengage Mobile - An enterprise SaaS platform that enables large organizations to create awareness, engage employees and measure the impact of their corporate sustainability objectives through the use of web and mobile software.

Entrepreneurs raising capital and interested in presenting to the Investors' Circle network are encouraged to review the funding process prior to applying.