China Suzhou Plant Recognized by WEF

Digitization's key role in securing this prestigious title for China
Feb 24, 2023 4:00 PM ET

Congratulations to MDLZ China's Suzhou plant for joining the esteemed league of manufacturers recognized as the Global Lighthouse Network by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Great job by our Suzhou plant for leading the way in driving productivity, quality, sustainability, and supply chain resilience through digital and advanced technologies.

Digitization's key role in securing this prestigious title for China 

With a bold ambition to grow retail models, double store coverage and address the impact of inflation on labor and logistics costs, MDLZ China invested in 4IR (4th Advanced Industrial Revolution) digital solutions. The solutions allowed the team to transform into an integrated supply ecosystem, resulting in an improved OTIF by 18 percent, reduced lead times of 32 percent, and market-share growth.

A huge thank you to the cross-functional teams who worked through challenges and actively contributed to the plant's digital transformation journey. This milestone has set China a step closer towards the BU's digital ambition!