Cat® Dynamic Gas Blending Reduces Fuel Consumption and Emissions

Caterpillar continues 67-year legacy of natural gas-fired reciprocating engines
Dec 9, 2014 12:00 PM ET

Combining Performance with Efficiency

Caterpillar has been a supplier of natural gas-fired reciprocating engines since 1947. Today, more customers are moving from diesel to gas, and many of our customers require a gas option for their engines. In the oil and gas, rail, mining and marine markets, the performance of the gas-powered engine is paramount. It must match the reliability, torque response and power density of the diesel engine, while delivering the fuel cost savings and reduced emissions of natural gas. The technology to deliver these capabilities is dual fuel — engines that burn both diesel and natural gas simultaneously.

With deep expertise in both gas and diesel engines, Caterpillar is well-positioned to deliver reliable dual-fuel engines to the market. Our solutions allow customers to achieve significant savings derived from the price differential between natural gas and diesel. In 2013, we released our first marine dual-fuel engine, a product that allows the operator to switch fuels to meet various emissions requirements. The use of cleaner-burning natural gas contributes to lower-emission engine operations.

Even as we innovate new solutions, we benefit from the legacy of having been a world leader in diesel and natural gas engines for more than 65 years. Our products range from a 7.5 horsepower engine to a 30,000 horsepower gas turbine. We are focused on meeting the world's increased energy needs through a variety of products, solutions and applications across multiple industries. They include:

  • Reciprocating engine-powered generator sets
  • Integrated systems used in the electric power generation industry
  • Reciprocating engines and integrated systems and solutions for the marine and petroleum industries
  • Reciprocating engines supplied to the industrial industry as well as in Cat® machines
  • Turbines and turbine-related services
  • Diesel-electric locomotives and components and other rail-related products and services

As part of our 2010 strategic imperatives, Caterpillar committed to aggressively grow the Energy & Power Systems businesses, which during the last three years have contributed more than one-third of Caterpillar's sales and profitability. Significant investments have been made in alignment with that strategy and in support of our customers. Three of the most recent acquisitions have been in the rail, power and marine groups (Electro-Motive Diesel, MWM, Berg Propulsion).

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