Canadian companies using social performance metrics offered by LBG Canada in their CSR reports

May 20, 2011 12:30 PM ET

LBG Canada response to the Globe & Mail Article: Sustainability performance a n…

Re: Globe & Mail Article: Sustainability performance a new essential

Often the primary focus of sustainability is environmental progress, but as the article states, social and governance are just as important to understanding a company’s overall management quality. Readers may not be aware, but there is a growing network of Canadian companies who come together to put the appropriate metrics in place to measure social performance indicators, around community investment and employee volunteering programs in particular.

35 companies are part of LBG Canada, which provides the tools & resources to improve the way community investment teams plan, evaluate and articulate the value of their investments and employee volunteering programs. Companies within the group use their involvement in LBG Canada to enhance transparency and credibility of reporting on social performance within their CSR and Sustainability reports.  The recent examples of Hydro-Quebec and TD Bank Financial Group illustrate the importance of clarity in social performance reporting, alongside environmental and governance indicators. The overall result? A stronger more effective report that truly reflects a company’s commitment “to the wellbeing of our communities.”

About SiMPACT:
SiMPACT was established in 2005 with a vision to support management systems and skill development in the areas of strategic community investment and social return on investment (SROI). 
SiMPACT is the facilitator of 
LBG Canada, a growing group of companies using the LBG Model as a management framework to maximize the value of community investment programs – for the community and for the business.  Companies involved in LBG Canada are achieving a higher quality standard in program design, resource allocation and evaluation of the CI investments.  The increasing use of the LBG Canada logo in public reporting symbolizes a commitment to quality and good governance of the CI portfolio.