Campbell’s Redesigned Wellness Site Clicks With Consumers

Nov 30, 2011 10:00 AM ET

(3BL Media / theCSRfeed) November 30, 2011 - "How many grams of fat are in a Mint Milano cookie?"

 "Do you have menu ideas for someone trying to lose a few pounds?"   Answers to these questions and more appear at the click of a mouse on the new a web site for both the professional nutritionist and the average eater.   A sweeping redesign of the site, more than a year in the planning, launched this fall. It offers more product information, more search capabilities, recipes and a more user-friendly experience.    "It's about the celebration of food and helping consumers make healthy choices," said Josh Anthony, Vice President, Global Nutrition and Health. "For a long time, they've been barraged with information about what they can't eat. This helps tell them what they can eat."     The new site also features sections on Campbell's corporate wellness initiatives. "Campbell has strong corporate commitments to health and wellness, so it's really important that we have a best-in-class Web site that communicates our leadership in this area.," said Trish Zecca, Nutrition Program Manager- Global Nutrition and Health.    The redesign was funded by the brands as a collaborative effort across the businesses, R&D, and with brand and corporate leaders to ensure alignment to the business strategy.   Early metrics on the new site are positive. Compared with the version of the wellness site it replaced, the percentage of returning visitors has doubled and the number of users jumped 37 percent from September to October. Last month, the bounce rate -- the percentage of visits to just a single page, without then clicking onto a link -- fell from greater than 50 percent on the old site to just 18 percent on the new.   The Global Nutrition team, with help from Regulatory and Public Affairs, promoted the site in September at the American Dietetic Association Food and Nutrition Conference in San Diego. The meeting drew about 10,000 "influencers," including registered dietitians, ADA spokespersons, researchers, and news reporters, who were given Campbell promotional material to share with their clients.   The new site features photography of healthful dishes made with Campbell products in a mealtime setting, not just packaging shots.   "One of our objectives was to really romance our food," Trish said. "The site showcases its beauty and deliciousness in the context of a healthy diet. People have told me," she added, "that the site makes them hungry."   CAMP19207