Water at GE

Water at GE

Unlike for fossil fuel–based energy, there are no substitutes or alternatives for water. But already around a quarter of the world’s population lives in areas of current or developing water scarcity. Another quarter lacks access to the infrastructure needed to get clean, affordable water to their homes.

In addition to providing products that help governments, companies and communities address water-scarcity challenges and opportunities, GE is working to understand and address the water impacts of our operations and the products we manufacture. This includes understanding our exposure to physical, regulatory and reputational risks as well as looking for ways to reduce the water footprint of our products throughout their lifecycles. We are also advocating for public policies that price water more accurately, so that water reuse becomes a viable and attractive option.

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GE Citizenship: Water Scarcity: http://www.gecitizenship.com/focus-areas/planet/water-scarcity/

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Tea in the Sahara: GE Innovation Taps $450 Billion Water Market, Treats 5 Billion Gallons Daily
Underground aquifers deep beneath the Sahara desert in Algeria hold huge amounts of fresh water. But as recently as five years ago, many Algerians in the nation’s capital could not count on filling up their teapots. “Some areas would lose water every two or three days,” says Ali Nouioua, GE Power & Water manager and Algiers resident. In 2008, however, GE tapped a more accessible...
Mar 25, 2013 11:45 AM ET
Soak The Casbah: GE Technology Brings Fresh Water to Millions in Algiers
Water barrels and storage tanks had for years dominated roofs in the Casbah and other neighborhoods spread over the crescent of hills ringing the Algerian capital and the blue half-moon of Bay of Algiers. “There was a big water shortage in this country,” says Ali Nouioua, a GE Power & Water manager based in Algeria. “Some areas would lose water every two or three days. People would have to...
Mar 1, 2013 11:45 AM ET
The Ocean on Tap: GE Technology Helps Victoria Slake Her Thirst
When Australia got whiplashed by extreme weather in January, rivers swelled by a cyclone flooded Queensland in the north, while the Victoria province in the south remained arid and gritted through a wave of severe drought. The lack of rain added to the long struggle of Victoria’s growing capital and the country’s second largest city, Melbourne, to keep its 4 million residents watered. ...
Feb 25, 2013 1:15 PM ET
Brine Science: How Salt and Ingenuity Purify Water for Thousands in Asia and Africa
Early last summer, Sister Mary Ethel Parrot dropped by the office of WaterStep, a Louisville charity fighting waterborne disease around the world, and picked up a pair of tote bags filled with tubing, clamps and other plastic parts. The nun took them on a plane to Uganda, where she had set up a boarding school for girls. In Africa, Sister Mary Ethel, who is also a trained physicist,...
Jan 10, 2013 10:00 AM ET
A Thirsty Planet: As Water Grows Scarce, Americans Embrace Water Recycling
When the Voyager 1 spacecraft reached the edge of the Solar System in 1990, cosmologist Carl Sagan asked NASA mission control to snap a picture of the Earth some 3.7 billion miles away. From that distance our planet appeared as a fragile blue dot lost in the darkness of space. Recently U.S. scientists produced...
Oct 29, 2012 11:30 AM ET