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Innovation & Technology

Helicopter View of A Sustainable City

Health & Healthcare

Partnering with Diabetes At The Centre of the Universe
Located on the hillside where Galileo Galilei was watching the stars, the Italian Barometer Diabetes Observatory Foundation breaks new ground in chronic disease management through a unique partnership model.

Health & Healthcare

In the pharmaceutical industry, working with the end customer is easier said than done. Nevertheless, Research and Development (R&D) teams across Novo Nordisk have now started partnering with patient leaders through a specialised unit within Novo Nordisk R&D.

Health & Healthcare

The Digital Health Connection in Africa
It’s 43 °C (104 °F) and Ulrik Uldall Nielsen has just travelled 70 kilometres to Thies from Senegal’s capital Dakar to visit one of the clinics expected to be enrolled in Novo Nordisk’s Changing Diabetes® in Children (CDiC) programme.

Diversity & Inclusion

Companies Have Unique Contributions to Bring to the Table
The international community committed in 2015 to the most ambitious global agenda to date – the Sustainable Development Agenda – aiming to end poverty and ensure prosperity, peace and a sustainable planet for all by 2030.

Diversity & Inclusion

Partnerships Are the New Black
The opportunities to create positive change are all around us and stronger alignment of purpose is bringing us closer together. As a pharmaceutical company, we spend and invest significant resources every day on improving health for millions of people living with diabetes and other serious chronic diseases. But the cause of the diabetes epidemic, and the solutions required to make a change are multidimensional.

Social Impact & Volunteering

Novo Nordisk Scores One for Partnerships

Health & Healthcare

A ’Close’-Up Look at Diabetes In Cities
With many years of personal and professional experience in the diabetes field, patient advocate Kelly Close and her colleague Emily Regier from Close Concerns offer their perspective on Cities Changing Diabetes1.

Health & Healthcare

A Golden Opportunity to Change Diabetes in Johannesburg
In 1886 a large gold reef was discovered on a remote African farm setting off a major gold rush that led to the establishment of Johannesburg. As the news spread, the population of the city exploded with people hoping to find the riches and Johannesburg quickly became the largest city in South Africa.1 In fact, the Zulu name for Johannesburg is Egoli which means City of Gold.

Health & Healthcare

Putting the Cook Back in the Urban Kitchen
Preparing meals at home can be challenging for the millions living in cities. Everything from long work days to cheap and convenient fast food options makes choosing to cook fresh and balanced meals difficult. But these dietary choices are also contributing to the rise of type 2 diabetes in cities around the world.

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