Helicopter View of A Sustainable City

Aug 22, 2016 1:05 PM ET
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The Danish city of Kalundborg is situated on the north-western coast of the largest Danish island, Zealand. The Novo Nordisk production facility in the photo covers 1,100,100 m2 .

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The Danish city of Kalundborg is not well-known globally, but nearly half of the world's supply of insulin is produced here. Since 1969, Novo Nordisk has been actively engaged in advancing sustainable community development in Kalundborg. From green energy to education, partnerships are transforming this Danish city into a global example of a sustainable community.

Jobs and Education

Kalundborg Recruitment Alliance
Local industries market job opportunities and initiate recruitment activities in Kalundborg in collaboration with the municipality, job centres, national universities and unemployment funds. 

Engineering education
Local industry, the municipality and the region collaborate to attract students to Kalundborg. A new bachelor degree in bio-technology engineering and a campus is one of the initiatives. 

BIOPRO is a partnership between universities and companies. The vision is to create a worldclass biotech cluster in full-scale biotech manufacturing. 

A Green Environment

Kalundborg Symbiosis
The Kalundborg Symbiosis is the world’s first working industrial symbiosis where the by-product of one enterprise is used as a resource by another enterprise, in a closed cycle. For example, the yeast slurry from insulin production is used for biogas.

Liveability and Mobility

Green energy 
The local utility company, Novo Nordisk and two other local industries are partnering to convert the local power station from coal to biomass. From 2018, the heating and steam used by local households and industries will be generated from biomass.

Living in Kalundborg 
The municipality, local industry and the local business council have teamed up to support new employees and spouses moving to Kalundborg.

Sustainable Community 2025 
The municipality and Novo Nordisk have initiated a dialogue on sustainable community development to pinpoint future partnering opportunities.

Infrastructure task force
The municipality, the region and members of the local business council have joined forces to enhance local economic development through improvement of interregional mobility and transportation routes. 

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