Sustaining Grants

The Ray C. Anderson Foundation issues Sustaining Grants in the Fall and Spring of each year to environmental nonprofits and educational initiatives that support our overall sustainability mission. Application to the Foundation for grants is by invitation only.

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Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Ray C. Anderson Foundation Awards $331,000 in Grants to Educators and Doers

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Foundations' Joint Competition Inspires Amazing STEM-based Youth Projects

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  1. Drawdown Georgia
    Informed by Project Drawdown, the world’s leading resource for climate solutions, Drawdown Georgia is the first state-centered effort to crowdsolve...
  2. Mid-Course Correction Revisited
    Mid-Course Correction Revisited is both a how-to and a why-to on the future for green business, as seen through the lens of one of the most pioneering...
  3. Georgia Climate Project
    The Georgia Climate Project is a state-wide consortium co-founded by Emory, the University of Georgia, and the Georgia Institute of Technology, and...
  4. NextGen Committee
    Ray C. Anderson’s five grandchildren, along with their spouses, comprise the NextGen Committee of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation. The Committee makes...
  5. Georgia Tech Global Change Program
    The Georgia Institute of Technology Global Change Program is a new initiative designed to coordinate and grow educational and research activities...
  6. Chattahoochee Riverkeeper
    Mary Anne Lanier, President of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation, serves on the Chattahoochee Riverkeeper Board and also serves as Chair of the...
  7. Project Drawdown
    One of the key funding priorities of the Ray C. Anderson Foundation is climate change. Project Drawdown is a global initiative based on meticulous...
  8. Ray C. Anderson Collection at Georgia Historical Society
    The Ray C. Anderson Foundation and Interface, Inc. donated Ray C. Anderson's papers and other important items to the Georgia Historical Society...
  9. Talk with Green Guy
    Press releases, articles and other materials pertaining to the Foundation's sponsorship of the Talk with Green Guy radio show.
  10. Brightening Our Corner Newsletter
    Quarterly newsletter from the Ray C. Anderson Foundation. Subscribe here.