Speaking of Purpose podcast

Speaking of Purpose podcast.
Season two now available.

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Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

The Blind Spot In Philanthropy
According to IFIP, Indigenous Peoples constitute the largest minority in the world, yet receive only 1.25% of all philanthropic giving globally. Episode 3 of Benevity's Speaking of Purpose podcast explores this "blind spot" in philanthropy.

Responsible Business & Employee Engagement

Why Some Indigenous Leaders Don't Trust Corporations
It’s no secret that relationships between Indigenous Peoples, governments and corporations all over the world are troubled — in both the past and present. How did this happen? And what does this look like today?


Introducing Season 2 of Speaking of Purpose
Season 2 of Benevity’s Speaking of Purpose podcast goes deep on one topic: reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples. It's an entry point and learning resource - let's catalyze a movement of educating ourselves to better our communities and social impact.

Diversity & Inclusion

Truth Before Reconciliation
How can Indigenous Peoples, governments, companies & individuals work together towards a better future, considering our difficult history? What is reconciliation? Join Sona Khosla as she asks Melissa Nelson on this episode of Speaking of Purpose.

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    Speaking of Purpose podcast. Season two now available.
  3. Speaking of Purpose podcast
    Speaking of Purpose podcast. Season two now available.
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