Power Grid

Power, Connect, Optimize for the Grid of the Future

To achieve shared visions of energy security and decarbonization, the aging grid is transforming. As energy stewards, utilities are taking measures to invest and modernize this critical infrastructure. Black & Veatch makes sure existing infrastructure is used to its full potential, investments are deployed effectively, and systems are future-proof – designed and built for good.

We deliver an integrated, system-wide solution that encompasses transmission, distribution and the communications and automation to connect, visualize and optimize the grid. By helping utilities plan, design and build an intelligent, secure and resilient grid, reducing grid failures and enabling diverse, renewable generation, we’re preparing utilities and their customers for long-term, sustainable growth.

Access to consistent, always-on power is becoming a major success factor for our clients. Whether for a data center, industrial complex, or an EV fleet charging hub, we design and build on-site power infrastructure and grid interconnections to offer greater control over your power usage.

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Green Infrastructure

Black & Veatch Insights: Why Go Underground?
As a trusted and reputable energy utility, you’re focused on building a strong connection to your customers. Your power distribution system’s ability to provide affordable service, effectively withstand the elements, mitigate security threats and comply with evolving regulations.


Black & Veatch: Grid Cybersecurity Planning, Investment Key to Safeguard Infrastructure
As if U.S. electric utilities didn’t already have enough to worry about, protecting their critical infrastructure from cyber or physical attacks increasingly are keeping operators up at night.


Climate Change Preparedness Means Planning
The escalating frequency and strength of hurricanes, wildfires, floods, droughts and environmental impacts offer tangible evidence that climate change is making severe weather events increasingly unpredictable and more costly.


Power Producers Assess Investment Priorities, Trade-Offs as Decarbonization Pressures Mount
With an influx of federal funding, U.S. energy sector stakeholders are seeing pathways to achieve their decarbonization targets through mature solutions: energy efficiency, battery energy storage and renewable power generation.


Grid Modernization: The Promise, Necessity and Challenges
Across the landscape of U.S. electric utilities, the words “grid modernization” more encapsulate the frustration and promise in tackling the growing need to update and harden chronically aging grid infrastructure against an onslaught of threats.


Proactive Approach to Reliability, Resiliency Keys to Confidence in U.S. Power Grid
Across the U.S., a myriad of challenges is intensifying scrutiny about the resiliency and reliability of the ever-aging grid infrastructure. Load demands are rising due to growing consumer electric vehicle (EV) charging networks, enterprise fleet electrification & cloud computing


Amid Energy Ecosystem’s Evolution, U.S. Electric Sector Navigates Headwinds, Opportunities
More companies and communities are pursuing clean energy and transportation solutions to serve their near-term decarbonization goals, stoking the need for practical, tactical plans with intensifying scope and ambitions.


Black & Veatch Report: As World Decarbonizes, U.S. Electric Sector’s Transformation Keys on Grid Modernization, Resilience
As megatrends such as decarbonization, electrification and climate adaptation continue to transform the U.S. energy ecosystem, the sector acknowledges the pressing needs to modernize the grid, bolster its resilience and accommodate the acceleration of renewable energy.
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