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The Mercedes-Benz Sustainability Magazine provides you with information about how we are promoting sustainability.

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Industrial Robots Are Learning to Save Energy
The automotive industry uses more robots than any other sector. The computer-controlled machines are taking on more and increasingly complex tasks. They work reliably, efficiently, and with high precision. Engineers are now even teaching them how to learn. But how energy-efficient are these mechanical helpers in reality?

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

Tracking Down the Product Pirates
Although counterfeit car components may look like brand-name parts, they are anything but. The investigators can barely believe their eyes.

Philanthropy & Cause Initiatives

Every Cent Helps
Most of the guests from abroad who visit the city of Arusha in northeastern Tanzania are coming in order to observe animals in the wild. For them, the city is a starting point for safaris in the national park of the same name. But when people from time2help come to Arusha, they stay in order to help local people, especially children.


Daimler Is Making Traffic Education Fun

Innovation & Technology

Environment Check for New E-Class
If you want to find out how environmentally compatible a vehicle is, you have to look at more than just the fuel consumption and emission figures. To obtain a full overview, it’s vital to take the vehicle’s entire life cycle into account — from the extraction of the raw materials it contains to the car’s production, its many years of use, and its eventual recycling/disposal as an end-of-life vehicle.

Innovation & Technology

Taming in the Wind: An Interview with the Head of Aerodynamics Mercedes-Benz
Teddy Woll is an aerodynamics engineer through and through. In the following interview, he explains.


Off-Road Power Storage
According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), renewable energy sources could account for more than 70 percent of the global energy supply by 2050. The figure may be based on optimistic assumptions, but one thing is clear: Our future energy supply will come from renewable resources. However, several obstacles need to be overcome before we get to that point.

Innovation & Technology

Travelling by Smartphone
Monday, 7:50 a.m.: Hamburg, Eimsbüttel: David O. says a quick good-bye to his wife and two children and runs down the steps and out onto the street, closing the door behind him. What a morning — and he’s probably not going to be able to find a car2go vehicle to rent during rush hour. He walks down to the nearby Christuskirche church, takes out his smartphone, and sees that there really is no car2go vehicle available. He therefore decides to use public transport. moovel tells him that the next U2 subway train will be leaving in four minutes. He sees that he will have to transfer trains once and will then arrive at his offi ce in the Speicherstadt district of Hamburg in just over half an hour. One or two clicks with the moovel app is all it takes to buy his ticket, after which he puts his ph

Diversity & Inclusion

Daimler | Building Bridges
They come from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Nigeria, Gambia, Pakistan, and Iraq. Some of them fled their homeland only recently, while others applied for asylum in Germany quite some time ago.

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    The Mercedes-Benz Sustainability Magazine provides you with information about how we are promoting sustainability.
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