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Many pioneering technical innovations that are standard automotive features today were first seen in a Mercedes-Benz, including the crumple zone (1959), ABS (1978), airbags (1980), belt pretensioners (1980), ESP (1995), PRE-SAFE® (2002) and many other milestones in vehicle technology. Today the speed of innovation in the automotive industry is proceeding at a tremendous pace. The inventiveness, delight in experimentation, wealth of ideas and enthusiasm of Daimler’s developers and engineers are unbroken. Buzzwords like connectivity, autonomous driving, electric mobility and shared concepts are floating the markets. But for Daimler they are way more than buzzwords, they are an obligation and a promise for a future of sustainable mobility.

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Innovation & Technology

Mercedes-Benz Models With Environmental Certificates
Its realisation requires incorporating environmental protection into products from the very start. Ensuring that this happens is the task of environmentally compatible product development. It follows the principle “Design for Environment” (DfE) to develop comprehensive vehicle concepts. The aim is to improve environmental performance in objectively measurable terms and, at the same time, to meet the demands of the growing number of customers with an eye for environmental issues.


Daimler is Reducing the Burden on Cities
Thomas Beermann: Free-floating carsharing is a great opportunity for cities. Every large city that we have spoken to has more or less the same three problems, namely traffic density, air pollution and a lack of parking spaces. The service provided by car2go offers proven relief for all these problems.

Innovation & Technology

Package Station on Four Wheels
A click suffices, and the object of our desire lands in the virtual shopping basket: a pair of new shoes, the new printer, the new wide-angle lens for the camera. Online shopping is very fast nowadays, and in many cases the entire ordering and payment process is completed in a few seconds. But directly after the immediately appearing, onscreen order confirmation, the waiting starts for the customer – waiting for the parcel delivery.

Awards, Ratings & Rankings

Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell Gets a Plug
As the brand’s first production vehicle to feature a fuel-cell system when it comes onto the market next year, the Mercedes GLC F-CELL will connect – in a world first – two environmentally responsible technologies associated with the drive system via an electrical cable.

Events, Media & Communications

Mercedes-Benz 'EQ' Show Car | Into the Future with Zero Emissions
Paris Motor Show, late September 2016. Mercedes-Benz issued invitations to a major press conference.

Responsible Production & Consumption

Mercedes-Benz Models with Environmental Certificates
"We strive to develop products that are highly responsible to the environment in their respective market segments – this is the second Environmental Guideline of the Daimler Group.“

Innovation & Technology

The Second Lives of Lithium-ion Batteries
Lithium-ion batteries are the untiring driving force behind electric mobility. They deliver their full output on board vehicles for at least ten years.

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