Education in the 21st Century: A Pipeline for Sustainable Development

While education can be the key to building a better life, many children, teens and adults struggle to access the types of education that can provide this bridge. Meanwhile, the jobs of tomorrow require skills that are not always taught in the classroom. Increasingly business can play a role by collaborating with schools to help students gain the skills they need to succeed in the changing global economy. In this series sponsored by Pearson, we’ll explore the role of business in supporting access to education and opportunities, and consider the best way to prepare a generation of leaders who understand the importance of sustainable development.

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How to Improve Access to Education Around the World
For the last several years Pearson has partnered with America’s Promise Alliance, a network of national, state, community organizations and individuals dedicated to creating better educational opportunities in the U.S. In this case, the goal was to find solutions for the economic and social issues that kept kids from graduating from U.S. high schools.


Education for Sustainable Development
The call to action of the Sustainable Development Goals reaches every level of the educational system, as schools around the world teach lessons related to sustainable development and otherwise incorporate sustainable development into learning.


How to Engage on the Education SDGs
Reduce inequality and close the gap between rich and poor. Provide quality education for every child and decent jobs for all. These are just some of the ambitions set out in the Sustainable Development Goals (or SDGs), unanimously adopted at the United Nations General Assembly Summit in September 2015. Each goal is further broken out into specific targets, 169 between them, to reach by 2030.
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