2013 Excellence Awards in Corporate Philanthropy

CECP is now accepting applications for the 2013 Excellence Awards in Corporate Philanthropy.  Apply today!  The timing of the Awards has shifted; the Awards will now be presented in front of an audience of Fortune 500 CEOs at the annual Board of Boards CEO conference. 

Award Criteria
To win, companies must demonstrate exemplary evidence of each of the following Standards of Excellence:

  1. CEO Leadership
  2. Innovation
  3. Dedication to Measurement
  4. Partnership

Application Categories (View applications)
There are two award categories for corporate applicants:

  • Chairman’s Award: For companies with revenues greater than or equal to US $20 billion.
  • President’s Award: For companies with revenues less than US $20 billion.

For nonprofit originations, the Directors' Award recognizes the partnership between their organization and a corporate partner. This award category carries with it a $25,000 cash donation from CECP’s Board of Directors.

Benefits to Winning Companies
Winning companies and nonprofit organizations are showcased at a special ceremony during the annual CECP Board of Board CEO Conference in New York. The winning organizations are featured in a video shown at the event and on CECP's website, and each winner receives an engraved Tiffany & Co. crystal award. CECP works with the communications teams at the winning organizations to secure press opportunities.

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Events, Media & Communications

CECP Announces Winners of the 2013 Excellence Awards in Corporate Philanthropy

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Social Impact & Volunteering

2013 Excellence Awards in Corporate Philanthropy: Applications Available Now!

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