Call for Applications on Telehealth Solutions by Businesses for Low-Income Populations in Colombia

A new programme by UNDP, in partnership with iNNPulsa Colombia MiLAB, is seeking applications by businesses with telehealth solutions for maternal, natal and pre-natal care in Colombia.
Dec 21, 2021 9:00 AM ET
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The Inclusive Innovation Journey is seeking companies with telehealth solutions in Colombia

Call for applications on telehealth solutions by businesses for low-income popu…

ISTANBUL, December 21, 2021 /3BL Media/ - Business Call to action alongside UNDP Colombia, UNDP Accelerator Labs and MiLAB, the govtech laboratory operated by iNNpulsa Colombia, have opened a call for applications for businesses that have devised telehealth solutions around natal, prenatal and post-natal care.

This programme is part of BCtA’s Inclusive Innovation Journey, a project that seeks to advance government-centred innovation by replicating proven business solutions for local development challenges. The programme supports impact-driven businesses, or those who wish to have an impact, by connecting them to local government bodies that are seeking innovative, tech-driven solutions to reaching populations at the last mile.

In the case of Colombia, the telehealth sector was recognized as an area of focus due to the increased demand of telehealth services caused by COVID-19 and the need to improve the quality and coverage of such services across the country. This was determined through a field study by the firm Haptica alongside the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, which oversees Colombia’s National Telehealth Plan.

As per the study, 90% of Colombian households were classified as Base of the Pyramid and many had trouble accessing healthcare, particularly specialized care, due to lack of financial resources.

The study noted that telemedicine had significant benefits in access to healthcare for vulnerable populations through reduced costs and consultation times, increase in productivity of health specialists and led to wider adoption of preventative healthcare practices. However, despite seeing an increase in telehealth services, it was observed that a significant gap remained in the reach of telehealth services in rural and remote areas – which is where the Inclusive Innovation Journey seeks to find a solution.

As part of the programme, businesses that have been operational for more than two years with a working telehealth solution that is already serving clients and that has the potential for social and economic impact on low-income communities are eligible to apply. The deadline for applications is January 21, 2022.

Once selected, companies will begin their Inclusive Innovation Journey and benefit from a training programme, mentorship and networking opportunities with public entities and companies in the health sector, meet with potential stakeholders and have the option to connect with local public entities to scale their business model.

“We are excited to launch the Inclusive Innovation Journey in Colombia with our partners to support sustainable, effective and inclusive collaboration with the private and public sector. We hope companies bring forward tech-based solutions that can ensure affordable and equitable access to much-needed healthcare services for women in low-income communities,” said Luciana Aguiar, Programme Manager at UNDP Business Call to Action.

“We are confident of the development that entrepreneurs in the country's health sector have had in recent years and we saw their work highlighted during the pandemic. For this reason, and in order to improve access to health services for Colombians in rural areas, we invite them to participate and join us in contributing to this solution,” said Francisco Noguera, President of iNNpulsa Colombia.

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