California High-Speed Rail Authority & WSP Achieve Envision Platinum Rating

Dec 16, 2020 3:35 PM ET

Congratulations to the California High-Speed Rail Authority on achieving the Envision Platinum rating for its high-speed rail program. Envision measures the sustainability of an infrastructure project from design though construction and maintenance, and the Envision Platinum rating is the highest-level award from the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure. This is the first time a program of this size and complexity has earned such an honor. As the Authority’s rail delivery partner, WSPUSA is proud to have supported the Authority in this achievement. WSP shares the Authority’s commitment to building a sustainable high-speed rail system for California that will lay the foundation for carbon-free travel. The high-speed rail system will help California achieve its far-reaching policies to improve mobility, address climate change, develop clean energy, curb air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, and protect endangered species. The California High-Speed Rail program is the first high-speed rail system planned for implementation in the U.S., and WSP has developed new railway standards for high-speed rail in the country.

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