Cadence Cork Partners With Age Action To Promote Digital Literacy

Dec 1, 2023 9:00 AM ET

Employees of our Cadence Cork team recently volunteered to be part of an exciting journey with our learners from Age Action. Age Action is Ireland's leading advocacy organization for older people and aging. The organization provides practical programs to support older people in overcoming their digital nervousness through their Care and Repair, Getting Started, and Information Service programs.

As part of Age Action's Getting Started program, Cadence employees conducted one-to-one training in digital literacy, supporting older people in getting online, or using their smart device with confidence. Each Cadence volunteer committed to devoting two hours per week for a block of five weeks. There were 10 volunteers with a one-to-one mapping to 10 learners.

Internet and smart devices have become a necessity for every age group in this digital era. During our sessions, we realized that training people who grew up long before the Internet and social media era can be challenging. However, the learners were passionate about learning, and by the end of the program they were happy with what they had achieved.

We, as volunteers, customized our training based on our learner’s needs. By the end of the program, all learners were a lot more confident about using smart devices. It was indeed an enriching experience for Cadence employees and a golden opportunity to be part of this noble cause.

Above are a few comments from the individuals who were involved in this noble cause.

For more information on Age Action and their mission, check out their website and see how you can get involved.

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